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About Us

The problem!

As breeders ourselves, we understood that without a website we had no idea how to promote ourselves.

The idea.

We wanted to help promote our own business and that of other breeders

The solution!

We decided to create a website that allows breeders with little technical experience to promote themselves.

Pet Central!

Pet Central links pet owners with those providing all the services that they might need all in one place.

Thank you for visiting Pet Central.

We set up Pet Central with a view to introducing prospective and existing pet owners with dog and cat breeders, vets, groomers, kennels / catteries and other pet service providers.
There are a plethora of other company listing sites and classifieds sites on the internet but none seem to cross over insomuch as to introduce those looking for puppies or kittens with those that provide associated services.
On top of that, as ex-breeders ourselves, we recognised that most advertising is expensive and owning your own website was expensive, difficult to maintain and way out of most breeders technical comfort zones.

Pet Central Homepage
Pet Central Listing

With our previous web-design experience we thought to ourselves that we could create a solution! We have therefore created Pet Central to make maintaining a web-presence for these hobby breeders and other providers easy and low cost. We also hope that this site will endeavour to promote quality pets, breeders and businesses to those who are inexperienced or novices at keeping pets.